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Carroll County Iowa

Postal History Census

  CARROLL  June 4, 1883 - Date

    Originally established as CARROLL CITY.  Changed to CARROLL June 4, 1883

Marking Photo Full Cover Type Size Color # Known EKU LKU

Octagon, as rec'd

cancel - Apparently adopted from Carroll City cancel


CDS w/ concentric circle cancel  



CDS w/ carved cork cancel          

Barrel Duplex          

CDS w/ carved cork cancel          

A/ Postmaster Finder:



Name Title Date Appointed


Eugene R. Hastings Postmaster 06/04/1883

Craton C. Colclo Postmaster 06/11/1885

John B. Hungerford Postmaster 04/01/1889

John L. Powers Postmaster 04/25/1893

John B. Hungerford Postmaster 09/17/1897

Harry E. Beach Postmaster 02/01/1911

Joseph M. Drees Postmaster 03/02/1915

James H. Post Acting Postmaster 07/01/1921

James H. Post Postmaster 01/18/1922

Joseph F. Rettenmaier Postmaster 06/18/1934

James Theodore Kisgen Acting Postmaster 01/31/1947

James Theodore Kisgen Postmaster 03/25/1949

Lyle Peter Thelen Acting Postmaster 05/15/1952

Clyde M. Bayliss Acting Postmaster 03/09/1953

Bernard G. Tranter Postmaster 05/27/1954

Wayne L. Daniels Officer-In-Charge 10/31/1972

Wayne L. Daniels Postmaster 10/27/1973

Janet L. Graham Officer-In-Charge 11/14/1980

Maurice B. Nurse Postmaster 10/03/1981

Janet G. Huisinga Officer-In-Charge 12/30/1988

Allen E. Ravn Officer-In-Charge 02/28/1989

Norman J. Nieland Officer-In-Charge 04/18/1989

Patrick E. Harkin Postmaster 07/15/1989

Paul Sonnenfeld Officer-In-Charge 03/08/1993

Lois K. Boyens Postmaster 03/20/1993

Larry J. Jordison Officer-In-Charge 03/27/1998

Skip Raridon Officer-In-Charge 09/10/1998

Larry J. Jordison Postmaster 02/27/1999

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