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Milwaukee Philatelic Society

First Day Covers

Available for $1.00 each.    Please include additional $1.00 or large, self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate postage and stiffener.

    Send orders with checks payable to:

Milwaukee Philatelic Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 170832
Milwaukee, WI 53217-0832


1987 2-Cent Reingraved Locomotive Coil


1985 22-cent World War I

    Available in two types:  with or without "Engraved by Czeslaw Slania" rubber stamp cachet


1983 23-cent Olympic Card


1982  4-cent Stagecoach Coil


1979 Endangered Flora

    Cover with any single stamp -- $1.00; Set of 4 covers -- $3.00

    Cover with block of four stamps -- $2.00.


1976 9-Cent Right to Assembly Coil


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