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Rick Licks Grampís Stamps


By Margaret Eshbaugh


(Second place Ė adult competition)


Hello, Gramp.

This is Rick.

I need a stamp.

I need it quick.


Sorry, Rick.

My stamps wonít stick.

My stamps got damp.

My stamps are stuck.

Youíre out of luck.


Oh, Gramp!

What will I do?

I need a stamp

That has some glue.

I need to mail a letter.


I need to send a letter

to the Band-Aid getter.

Iíve skinned my knees.

Please, Gramp, please!

I need a stamp,

a stamp with glue.

Wonít you give me

one or two?


But Gramp goes out

and takes the keys.

What will I do

about my knees?

I need a stamp,

somebody please!


Oh, wait!  I know

where I can look.

Gramp has stamps

in that big book.

Iíve seen them there.

He says theyíre rare.


Get a chair.

Climb up there.

I guess Iíll tear

out this old pair.

Oneís upside down

but I donít care

I need a stamp

that isnít damp.


These stamps wonít stick.

They need a lick.

Oh, ick!

This lick and stick

makes me sick.

Oh, phoo!

What awful glue!


Hereís what Iíll do:

Pour some water.

There thatís better.

Now theyíre wetter.


Oh-oh!  Too much water!

Use the blotter.

Oh.  Yuk!

What rotten luck!

These stamps are stuck.


Get the drier!

Dry them out!

Spread them out,

All about!

Where?  Where?

Here!  There!

Quick, quick

before they stick!


Oh, no!

Oh, please!

I have to sneeze!

There they go!

What a breeze!


Stamps, stamps


Here!  There!

On the chair!

In my hair!

It isnít fair!


Quick, quick!

Pick, pick!

Gramp is coming

with a stick!


What to do?  What to do?

I will hide them,

wouldnít you?

In the salad, in the stew.

Leave them there

a day or two.


Well, at least

my knees feel better.

                                                Maybe I wonít need a letter.


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