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Philately Ė The Waiting Game


By Dennis Moore


(Tied Ė Third Place Ė Adult Category)


That postal man...

                                                            That postal man...

I wish he had a faster van!


He makes me wait:

                                                            He makes me sit;

Sometimes I think

                                                            Iíll have a fit.


Covers and stamps

                                                            for my collection,


                                                            My only connection.


Iím expecting classic corner squares

                                                            and FDCís with lined coil pairs,

A special mixture of foreign covers,

                                                            And master paintings of renaissance lovers.


Oh Ė circuit books and catalogs

                                                            Should come today...

And Russian frogs.


Why canít he learn

                                                            A different song?

Sometimes I wait

                                                            All day long!


Itís 5 oíclock

                                                            And no sign yet Ė

Missed my house

                                                            Again, Iíll bet!


But wait: I hear...

                                                            My squeaky gate...?...

Hooray!!  A pile of stuff Ė

                                                            Substantial weight.


Magazines, books,

                                                            Notices and flyers,


                                                            Ads for buyers


Just bills and offers,

                                                            Really punk!

No first class mail,

                                                            Itís postal junk.


Foiled again, and

                                                            Filled with sorrow,

I pray my treasures

                                                            Come tomorrow.


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